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Our Brands are hand picked, to deliver you with the finest possible selection. Our quality control process starts from our purchasing department, where controlled trails indicate us what are the best imports for our customer. Today, our brands have stood the test of time, giving us the confidence, and you the peace of mind.

The Urbano family business began operating in 1946 in the Messina town centre where the company's founder, Umberto, aided by his wife Emanuela, began roasting small amounts of coffee beans at an artisan level. The fundamental rule was the meticulous selection of the best quality of green coffee. The founder's technical knowledge, sensitivity towards customer needs, and continuous research and experimentation with top quality blends quickly turned the artisan workshop into a small family business, operating with the latest and most advanced equipment and deeply rooted in the area. The continual trust of its customers, the guarantee of a consistent quality of coffee, and the tireless search for new formulas to satisfy the demands of an evolving society enabled the firm to increase its sales volumes.

A dynamic and rapidly expanding Group anchored on more than 90 years of coffee heritage. Evoca Group is a leading multinational company in the out-of-home coffee machine sector, providing comprehensive range of coffee machines and payment solutions for the Ho.Re.Ca, OCS and Vending markets. We are committed to strengthening our global leadership by combining out-of-home refreshment, coffee culture, automation excellence, elegant design and digital development with a unique human touch. We are loyal and passionate people, devoted to quality, reliability, customer satisfaction and sustainable development. Evoca Group is committed to the implementation of processes that ensure top quality standards and continuous improvement, in order to satisfy the needs and suggestions of its customers. Customer’s need has always been one of our driving forces. Evoca Group continuous researches and innovations have the aim to supply the right solution and the best service to the Customer.

The Sanden Corporation in Japan, the headquarters of SandenVendo, is a machinery manufacturer supplying products for the Automotive, Vending and Living & Environment Business sectors. SandenVendo GmbH in Europe has been making significant advancements in the vending industry for many decades and is a powerful partner for excellence in quality, reliability and service. We are a “one-stop shop supplier”, offering a wide variety of vending equipment for hot and cold beverages, snacks and ice cream, but also related products such as sophisticated payment systems and premium coolers. Originally based in Dallas, Texas, USA, SandenVendo GmbH continues to deliver the highest standard product diversity since the beginning of its operations over 80 years ago. As part of the Japanese Sanden Corporation since 1988, SandenVendo GmbH is your global partner in vending and cooling technology, backed by numerous production and service facilities around the world.

Experiences are precious. They reflect time, devotion, and passion. ALTHAUS is a young company whose tea specialists have more than 20 years of experience. Based on their knowledge of the long traditions of tea cultures from around the world, German, Russian, and American experts have developed contemporary tea concepts. Ralf Janecki is an internationally renowned tea taster whose love and passion for tea is the foundation for his success. He carefully selects ALTHAUS teas, creates new blends, and cultivates intensive relationships with preferred producers and packing companies. He is supported by an international team which considers itself ambassadors of a modern tea culture: young, open, and full of cosmopolitan flair. ALTHAUS combines the demands for highest product quality with modern production methods, old tea traditions with surprisingly new tea compositions, and attractive design with superb value for money.

Supplying innovative machines to cover all market needs in the Automatic, Impulse and Semi Automatic sectors: this is the mission of Necta, the cornerstone brand of Evoca Group.The fully comprehensive product portfolio allows Necta to act as the key reference supplier in the three segments, whereas none of its competitors is able to propose the same width and depth of product offering. Necta pursues a strategy of constant innovation and product development. The innovations and the new technologies developed by this brand have always set new benchmarks in the industry and Necta has always been seen by most of its competitors as “the one to follow”. Moreover offering more appealing, reliable and technologically advanced machines is the base of the virtuous cycle which stimulate the demand for replacement and new adoptions.

We create professional coffee machines, promoting the passion and our team’s knowledge. Desing, productive excellence, respect of the enviroment and quality cup shaped are our drive. In Wega the results from hard work, competence and constant research lead to perfect maturation, which brings coffee to its ideal destination. We offer a range of electronic, semi-automatic and manual machines that can capture the most authentic essence of Italian espresso. We propose technologically advanced and high quality coffee machines, which are distiguished by a mark equivalent to personality and created for baristas that love to express theirselves with character, always keeping an high level of reliability made by a know-how developed in years. We protect the espresso coffee quality by respecting the habit of consuming in different countries, to spread the sense of the most authentic tradition.

Italian consumers gladly rely on instant products; not merely for breakfast, but in every occasion where they desire for a refreshing or relaxing break, or simply because time is tight. Habits are changing, the market for instant drink mixes is wide and diverse, and Prontofoods has greatly driven industry development. The Ristora brand is the leader in instant tea, but Prontofoodsalso means chocolate, granular milk, dairy creamers, cappuccino, camomile, instant coffee, filter teas, infusions and camomile, sweeteners in powder and tablets, fructose, desserts and many other products; all of which are present throughut retailers small and large, supermarkets, the best discount markets, Ho.Re.Ca. and Vending. President and CEO Luciano Pensante started the Company more than 40 years ago in a small market niche. With time, the Company expanded and diversified its production, to the point where Prontofoods is now present through all distribution channels. Products are exported in more than fifty countries worldwide.

SPINEL was born from an idea of Vincenzo, Giovanni and Cesare Spinelli, entrepreneurs with wide experience in the production of coffee machines and in the vending machine business. Indeed, our company is the result of a business that dates back to the early Sixties. Spinel is specialised in the Production of (pod and capsule) Espresso Coffee Machines characterised by extreme reliability, versatility, durability and amazing for their ease of use and quickness. Every day we are committed to achieve Total Quality in the production of espresso coffee machines that fully meet the worldwide customers’ requirements. Spinel s.r.l. is a Customer oriented company: YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR OBSESSION.

Since 1846, the KRUPS saga has been marked by innovations, feats of daring, and iconic products, all designed to meet the needs of its clients. It's thanks to you that KRUPS continues to write its history, rich with details, to surprise you day after day. For KRUPS, every detail counts. Design, engineering, precision… Discover how each detail can bring delight with KRUPS. At KRUPS, aesthetics and innovation are at the service of function to offer users an exceptionally complete and satisfying experience.

Thermoplan AG founded in 1974 by Esther and Domenic Steiner got into the coffee machine business in 1995. From there the development and production of fully automatic coffee machines became the core business of our company. Up to today we are globally successful on the market with our innovative machines and belong with pride to the global market leaders of our sector. Locally embedded, globally active: In addition to a global dealer network Thermoplan has subsidiaries in Germany and in the U.S. This provides our partners and customers around the globe with professional support for long-term success.